Liqueurs and Sangria

  • It's very simple: All you have to do is just pour your favorite alcohol into the bottle - BUT! Not any kind - use the alcohol that the bottle is created for. Let it ripe for a while and remember to shake it gently once in a while. Then it's done! Too much information? Don't worry - all the necessary information about the product are in the instruction booklet attached to the bottle.
  • Our Festivals are 100 % natural Liqueurs and Sangrias based on dried fruit and spices. We use only the finest natural dried fruit with no additives.
  • The result is a tasty Sangria or Liqueur with a beautiful color and a tempting scent. Perfect for degustation, shots or as a base for nice and colorful cocktails.


Chefs Quality Chocolate Sauce

Put the glass bottle in a pan of hot water and warm up according to the instruction.

This melts the chocolate. Within 15 minutes you have the chocolate sauce that many chefs would envy.

No rumbling and hassle, no washing, but a great chocolate sauce