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Review Chocolate Sauce - RUBY

Chocolate Sauce - RUBY


A naturally Pink chocolate sauce

✔ ready in just 10 minutes
✔ made from the finest Belgian chocolate
✔ stays liquid for a long time
✔ ideal as a gift

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A naturally Pink chocolate sauce has been on our wishlist since the discovery of the ruby ​​cacao bean. The ruby ​​bean adds, in addition to the traditional chocolate varieties pure, milk and white, a fourth kind: the ruby ​​chocolate. The taste is best described as fruity, sweet, with a fresh acidity. Melting the chocolate pearls into a sauce is easy and no different than the other Chocolate Sauce products. The pink chocolate sauce shows beautifully in the glass bottle. The mouthfeel is creamy and the color is naturally deep pink. Chocolate from the ruby ​​cacao bean is a brand new product, which makes it inviting to experiment. Delicious with fruity ice cream, but also as a special and tasty addition to other sweet desserts.

PreparationPlace the glass bottle in a pan of hot water up to the neck of the bottle. This melts the chocolate. Within 15 minutes you have chocolate sauce that many a chef would envy.